What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is best described as a discipline that supports an individual’s desire to change, and to create a better life for themselves.

Coaching borrows from psychology, philosophy, religion, spirituality, as well as other schools of thought such as Transactional Analysis (TA) and Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP).

Coaches establish a strong working relationship with their clients. They converse with their clients in ways that aim to break down their barriers and “stuckness”.

Coaches can help clients to clarify their values and needs. This frees clients to begin setting realistic goals for themselves, and work towards creating their ideal future.

Coaching can offer clients the follow:

  1. Help you create a clear vision of what you want.
  2. Be an objective listener.
  3. Awareness of any resistances to achieving your goals.
  4. Learn more about how you interact in the world.
  5. Progress more quickly towards your dreams.
  6. Co-create action plans.
  7. Totally focused on you and your needs.
  8. Awareness of negative beliefs about change.
  9. Challenge self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs.
  10. Work with your strengths, and skills.
  11. Teach techniques that you can apply in the future.
  12. Help you to achieve your long-term and short-term goals.

What are the benefits of Life Coaching?

Life coaching is about making tiny changes in your life to introduce more structure and meaning. You don’t have to live a half-life, or feel stuck in a rut.  When you start making tiny changes you will begin to enjoy your life and feel motivated to:

  1. build happy, fulfilling relationships
  2. cope better with stress and sadness
  3. get fit and stay healthy
  4. get more organised
  5. feel more confident
  6. achieve life-long dreams
  7. achieve more than you ever expected
  8. feel energised
  9. feel happy
  10. excel at work
  11. better about yourself
  12. enjoy your career or work
  13. feel a desire to help others

How I Work As A Life Coach?

During our coaching session we will identify these fixed patterns, and how they are sabotaging your goals setting, and creation of a better life for yourself.  It is during our sessions that you start to discover the real you, as well as, explore new and creative ways to manage your life.

The origins of Gestalt theory lie in a range of creative and theoretical disciplines such as Eastern philosophy.  I have chosen to specialise in Gestalt due to my own passions in meditation and Reiki.  In fact, Gestalt has influenced two other schools of thought, Transactional Analysis (TA) and Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP).

My coaching sessions blend Gestalt theory with various coaching philosophies and techniques. As a result, my approach takes clients on a deeper journey.  Together we explore beyond the surface based desires to go deeper into self.  Through self we can gain an understanding of what underpins your current life choices and holds you back from your future longings.

I am passionate about coaching individuals, and committed to enhancing and maintaining a strong working relationship.  I work with my clients in a way that best suits them individually to provide the best possible outcome.