Authentic Marketing & Mentoring


Female Entrepreneurs

Are you struggling to get clients?

Not sure how to grow your health & wellness business?

Need strategies to confidently market with heart?

Hi I’m Fiona Craig, a heart-centred female entrepreneur just like you. That’s right! I truly believe that a desire to have a successful business does not make you any less heart-centred.

You can lead from the heart, build authentic business connections and create a beautiful thriving small business for yourself.

I know because I’m living proof. Leaving counselling/psychotherapy and starting Life Balance Coaching was a huge learning curve for me.

But …

I took a deep breath and through following the top social media experts, as well as, attending webinars, workshops and online courses to understand SEO, website design, copywriting, blogging, social media platforms and other online marketing strategies and best practises to attract clients, I created Life Balance Coach.

And …

much to the surprise of my peers, Life Balance Coach became a lead generating website, ranking on the first page of Google for my niche keywords. I’ve also been awarded a Feedspot blogging award and numerous USA book awards. It just goes to show you that anything is possible.

However …

I also made a lot of costly mistakes. For example, my first “expensive” website had no Google ranking, spent $1000 with a business coach that smiled and agreed with me, wasted time on social media platforms that did not attract clients, no sales funnel, and paid way too much for a book publishing/coaching program (I still cringe about that one).

I wish I had worked with a mentor to advised me on what’s right for my business, and aligned with my values, budget, strengths, and preferences.

That’s why in my second year of Life Balance Coach I created …

Authentic Marketing & Business Mentoring 

During these sessions, we will focus on those precise areas that need clarity, creation, consistency and conversion to help you develop a clear ACTION PLAN that will guarantee a flow of ideal clients to your business.

You can focus on any or all of the following mentoring sessions to meet your business and life balance needs.

Below are some examples:-

Session One

  • The Business Plan
  • Define your Target Market
  • Work-life Balance Strategies

Session Two

  • Brand Clarity + Core Brand Message
  • Your Niche + Perfect Positioning
  • Competitive Analysis

Session Three

  • Website design + best practises
  • Opt-ins i.e. newsletter/ebook
  • SEO tips

Session Four

  • Packages + Pricing
  • Blogging
  • Strategies to Attract More Clients
  • Strategic Marketing + Sales Funnels
  • Social Media Strategies

Session Five

  • Positive Money Mindset
  • Time & Client Management Systems
  • Growing Your Community
  • Selling With Confidence

What does it include?

  • Face to Face or Skype sessions that beautifully blend life coaching, work-life balance strategies, business mentoring and brain storming to help you build a profitable business.
  •  Workbook that contains 40 pages of templates and resources.
  • Post session Action Plans emailed to keep you focused and moving towards your business dream.
  • Unlimited email support between sessions.
  • A recording of each session.

We love extra bonuses …

  • Personally signed copy of “Stuck in a Rut – How to rescue yourself and live your truth”to become a slayer of self doubt and negative self talk (valued at $25).
  • Have your business promoted on Life Balance Coach through Guest Blogging, a Newsletter feature and Facebook Post.

After the Sessions you will have

  • Created strategic action plans and weekly tasks.
  • Access to 40+ business worksheets to keep you motivated.
  • Knowledge of branding, business and marketing strategies to get traffic to your site.

All sessions are delivered on a fortnightly or monthly basis. 

I’d love to journey with you so that you have the clarity and confidence to build a beautiful business.

Don’t stay stuck!

To qualify contact me on 0405 433 217 or

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