Life Coaching Packages

Life Balance Coach’s life coaching packages help you remove the fears and stumbling blocks to create the life you want to live.

Life Balance Coach offers comprehensive transformational life coaching packages for three, six or nine month’s duration. Each packages provides a highly relational and supportive framework for you to explore your beliefs, dreams, values and behaviours whilst working towards achieving the outcomes you want in life.

Each package includes the following:-

  • Scheduled 1:1 coaching sessions with Fiona Craig.
  • Complimentary worksheets containing Q&A exercises.
  • Between session homework.
  • Unlimited email, telephone and text messaging support.
  • Online tools, worksheets and resources.
  • Follow up email with notes and action plan.
  • Mp3 session recording emailed.
  • One personally signed copy of the award-winning 234 page self-help motivational book, Stuck in a rut: How to rescue yourself & live your truth.

Be Happy Live Well 

Do you want to be happier?

Ready to take charge of your life?

Looking for support and encouragement to get you there?

Be Happy Live Well helps you get clear on the changes you need to make to create a happier life for yourself. Whether it be in relationships, love, career or lifestyle, we all have the potential to bring more joy into our lives.

Be Happy Live Well helps clients work towards letting go any fears, and stumbling blocks towards making positive purposeful change. It allows clients to walk away with an action plan, tools, resources and strategies to implement immediately.

Put into place the steps towards being happy and living well!


Kick Start Your Life

Lost your direction in life?

Feeling stuck in a rut?

Looking to reinvent yourself?

Kick-Start Your Life is a package created for those seeking clarity and direction to give themselves a kick-start onto a new path. This package is tailored to your individual needs and looks at key areas such as visioning, goal setting & motivation, time management, and boundaries.

If you are a self starter and self motivator looking for a road map to direct you towards your goals, then this package is for you.


Find Your Dream Career

Feel your career prospects or promotional opportunities are limited?

Need help in discovering your talents and life purpose?

There are many reasons why we suffer stress or depression around our career. We may not feel appreciated (in our current job)  for our skills and talents or feel thrown as the result of a job loss or redundancy; lack career direction; endure a difficult boss/co-workers; overwhelmed in returning to work; or feelings of worry and self doubt. So we never reach our full potential or satisfaction in our job role or career path.

These sessions are all about finding career direction through uncovering the real you through psychometric testing and personality profiles. Plus self discovery i.e. exploring your unique strengths, talents and knowing your purpose will assist in career exploration and identification and lead to personal and professional satisfaction.


Create A Confident You

Do you constantly doubt yourself?

Are you fearful of what others think of you?

Want to feel confident at job interviews and in relationships?

When we don’t feel confident in doing our job, growing our business or when interacting with others, our lives can feel enormously difficult and painful. When we lack self confidence we begin to doubt our decisions and our potential for success and happiness.

Feeling confident starts with how you measure yourself i.e. your self worth. If your worrying what other people think, comparing yourself to others, or doubting yourself and your capabilities then this program is for you.

Live A Balanced Life

Struggling to juggle motherhood, adult relationships and career aspirations?

Feeling mummy guilt, stress and fatigue?

Want more balance and freedom to live the life you want?

Women are more affected by work-life balance issues than men because they generally devote more hours per week to non-work activities i.e. childcare, and are more likely to have primary responsibility for unpaid labour i.e domestic work.

In taking a holistic approach that investigates all the areas of your life – your priorities, attitudes and responsibilities, I will teach you how to incorporate new systems, skills and strategies into your lifestyle to help you design a work-life balance that really works for you.

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