Life Coaching Packages

Life Balance Coach’s life coaching packages help you to remove your fears and stumbling blocks to create the life you want to live. Each packages provides a highly relational and supportive framework for you to explore your beliefs, dreams, values and behaviours whilst working towards achieving the outcomes you want in life.

All coaching programs are fully customised to your individual needs but include the following:-

  • 60 minute scheduled coaching sessions (fortnightly and/or monthly) with Fiona Craig.
  • Complimentary Q&A worksheets.
  • Email and text messaging support.
  • 40 additional online tools and resources.
  • Follow up emails with notes and action plans.
  • Mp3 session recordings emailed.
  • BONUS OFFER: PDF Copy of the award-winning self-help motivational book, Stuck in a rut: How to rescue yourself & live your truth.


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All life coaching packages can be blended to suit the client’s needs. See below.

Kick Start Your Life

Created for women seeking clarity and direction who want to change their lives and give themselves a kick-start onto a new path. Looking at key areas such as visioning, goal setting & motivation, time management, and boundaries. This package will be individually tailored to suit your goals, situation and needs to succeed in business, career and life.

Find Your Dream Career

Many reasons why we suffer stress or depression around our career: not appreciated for our skills and talents; lack of career direction; overwhelmed returning to work; or feelings of worry and self doubt. These sessions uncover the real you, and exploring your unique strengths and talents through career direction, exploration and identification.

Create A Confident You

When we don’t feel confident at work, growing our business or when interacting with others, our lives can feel enormously difficult and painful. Learn to let go of the negative stories swirling in your head that keep you stuck in self doubt. Sessions can cover performance anxiety, social phobia, assertiveness & visualisations, and conflict resolution.

Find Your Life Purpose

The need to seek a life of purpose comes from a lack of passion in our lives, but that feeling goes away when we lead a passion filled life.

You can’t think your way towards your life’s purpose; you have to FEEL your way in. This means taking steps towards what makes your heart sing to help you reflect and follow your dreams to align with your true authentic self.


I’d love to journey with you so that you have the clarity and confidence to build a beautiful life.

Don’t stay stuck!

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