What will you remember about the last decade?

We’re about to let go of yet another decade. I can still remember the start of 2000 so clearly. It was a time when the world was welcoming technology – the internet was changing how we gobble information, reality TV was altering our perception of fame/success and the 80’s catchphrase don’t leave home without it now applied to mobile phones.

When I think back to the start of 2000, during that first decade, much to my mother’s delight I married, then much to her disappointment I moved to London, landed a terrific job as a social worker, had a beautiful baby boy, finished my counselling degree, but things got rocky so moved back to Sydney.

Then in the last decade, I divorced (achieving single mum status), returned to work (blah!), left work (phew!), started my passion project Life Balance Coach for Women, adopted an adorable puppy, wrote Stuck in a Rut? an award winning self-help book, and more recently started networking events for heart-centred women.

What will you remember the 2010s for?

Use the final few days of December, when your focus turns from work to Boxing Day sales as a good time to look back on the year, and in fact, the decade that just was.

Will it be personalised ringtones? The birth of Instagram? Hey the world didn’t end with Y2K or the Mayan calendar!!!

It seemed in the last decade we blamed everything on Millennials, coffee became the drink of the gods and the most highly anticipated, but disappointing TV finale of all time – Game of Thrones, just to name a few.

All humour aside, looking back at your past year helps to ensure your goals are truly aligned with your relationship, family and work priorities and values.

To assist you, I’ve included a few questions that you may like to reflect upon, and get really excited about 2020:-

If you had to describe 2019 in one word what would it be?

What’s been the most important lesson you learnt in 2019?

What are you truly grateful for?

What have I specifically learnt about myself?

What’s the one thing you would have done differently and why?

Hello 2020!

What’s your 2020 theme for the year going to be?

What do you want to spend more time doing in 2020?

What do you want to achieve work or career-wise?

What positive skills or habits do you want to adopt?

What’s going to be your most important goal for 2020?

Don’t leave it until New Years Day when you’re surrounded by deflated balloons and empty champagne bottles. Before you start wrapping up this decade, take some time to step back to reminisce about your favourite moments, and reflect on the past year so that you can set more meaningful and authentic goals for 2020.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

book stuck in a rutFiona Craig is an NLP practitioner & life coach, psychotherapist, business mentor, and published author of the award winning self-help book, “Stuck in a Rut – How to rescue yourself & live your truth” helping women remove the fear, worry and guilt to confidently take the steps towards creating the life they want to live.

Fiona has been interviewed by The Australian Women’s Weekly, Women’s Fitness Magazine and The New Daily and written articles for Collective Magazine, Herald Sun Melbourne, Sunday Life Magazine, Career One, I Am Woman Magazine, plus Mouths Of Mums and other online publications. You can learn more about working with Fiona at www.lifebalancecoach.com.au or call 0405 433 217.