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So you’ve spent the past months rugged up in your flannelette PJs, and Uggies.  If you were more interested in keeping warm than warming up your partner, read on?  You could be stuck in a love making rut?  Don’t worry you are not alone.

Our lives are just so darn busy, that it can be hard to keep physical intimacy alive. We can’t seem to find the time to get away or even afford a romantic getaway?  Warmer temperatures, and less clothing means its time to get the mattress springs squeaking again.  Here are a few ideas to keep all aspects of your relationship rock hard (sorry couldn’t help myself).

Firstly start talking to each other!!!  Agree on making tiny changes around your lifestyle to increase your physical intimacy, and move it higher up on the priority list.  Think about what you like about your sex life and what you would like more of?

Don’t settle for boredom in the bedroom.  Spice things up by getting creative and breaking any routines like moving to different rooms of the house.  Other ideas are to discuss your sexual fantasies with each other, cook a nice dinner or be the best dessert.  Make time together special by leaving work early, and/or going to bed earlier, and do try going to bed at the same time.

If you both find it hard to talk about this subject, maybe there are other underlying issues that need to be explored.  Just log onto my website and book a Free 20 min call with me.

I’m here to help you work through any blocks you might have that are preventing you from having a sexy, sex life.