There’s something different about these school holidays.

Four years ago we shared the delights of fluffy bunnies and chickens but not today.

Big shock for mummy, my son has grown up!

He’s no longer a little boy, but now a “tweenie”.

That’s a term to describe a child that’s preteen, and not to be confused with the UK TV show.

Gone are the days of making Easter hats or hunting for chocolate eggs in the garden.

All my dear boy wants to do is hang out with his friends in virtual worlds.

So here are my five life balance tips for Easter with a tweenie.

  1. Give them space to unwind and just be.  I suggest the first day of school holidays be a chill out day.
  2. Now with your child semi chilled out, sit down and together come up with a few things to do during the Easter holidays.  You don’t have to make all the decisions, but you can suggest festivals, expos or events or day trips away.
  3. Make sure they still help around the house.  It’s a holiday from schoolwork, but not housework.  In fact, during these holidays we are spending a day storing his “baby” toys and books.
  4. In your holiday calendar, I would suggest that each day be divided into segments for time on the computer, relaxing, going shopping, playing games and tidying up.  Spending hours on the computer or doing just one task is not good for their physical or mental health.
  5. Watch that they don’t spend all their money on junk food or bring more junk into the home.  It’s easy to get caught up in the sales hype.
  6. Do playdate swaps or special time with the grandparents.

1620953_10151908277365952_1033585801_n 2Our Wet n Wild Adventures

Happy Easter to you and your family!

If you have some good tips on holidays with your preteen, please share in the comments below.