Last Friday I was blessed to attend an autumn equinox meditation with some beautiful, kind hearted women.

The March equinox is a time when we observe the changes this season brings; longer nights, shorter days, and a moving inward as we make readiness for the growing darkness and cold of winter.

What is the message for us?

At the autumn equinox, night and day are of equal length so it signifies a need to balance the light and dark within us.

I often fear the dark parts of myself.  It’s a struggle to keep them hidden or even to acknowledge that they are greed, anger, jealousy.

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I’m a little embarrassed and defensive in sharing this with you, yet we all have imperfections.

We are governed by our feelings and thoughts, and on a daily basis we experience these moments of hatred, intolerance or anxiety.

As we move into Winter, and sit within its stillness, we can use this time to awaken and follow a process of inner transformation.

It can be a time of reflection.

Through the awakening of our innate wisdom, we can move ourselves back into balance and back to a time of integration and wholeness again.

I’m not advocating embracing the darkness, but to descend into it to understand the nature of our minds.

Investigate, be curious and mindful of the way we think, and feel about everyday things in our lives.

To be whole means accepting all aspects of ourselves.

If we don’t own our dark side, we can project it onto those around us.  In other words, I can see the selfishness of others, but not in myself.

Autumn is a time of letting go and unburdening of one’s self.  The seeds of the harvest have to die for future crops to be born.

What will you let go to begin your inner birth in spring?

Life Balance Coach would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


A special thank you to Jacqui Bushell and Jane Elworthy for a wonderful evening of ritual and guided meditation.  To find out more about these beautiful women or to attend their classes and workshops call them on 02 94361644.