Autumn in Sydney is a beautiful time of year.  I delight in watching the colour changes of the leaves on the liquid amber trees.  I love how they show off their spectacular red, orange, and yellow leaves, which eventually fall to the ground and make a crunchy sound under my trainers.  It was whilst on my daily walk in Centennial Park that I stumbled upon this leaf.

I was feeling pretty frustrated with things, the day I found this leaf.  I had hoped to be lecturing psychology students on Gestalt Play Therapy techniques, but my business partner bailed on me.  Well actually she betrayed me.

We are street neighbours, and both with careers in the helping profession. We’d walk our dogs together and talk about our lives, loves, hopes and dreams.

One day I walked past her house and caught her standing at her gate.  She’d obviously had a few drinks because she was more talkative than usual.  In blurting out snippets of conversation she had had over the day, to my horror, these included telling neighbours about my personal life.  I was mortified.  I couldn’t believe she would share deeply personal information about me.

Six hours later I had managed to pull myself together and emailed her.  I requested she stop talking about me to her neighbours.  I explained that I had come to her for emotional support, but that these matters remain confidential.  She apologised, but within a week completely withdrew from me.

Today she won’t even look me in the eye, and will cross the street to avoid any contact with me.  I’m working hard at forgiving her, but I wonder if she has forgiven herself.

The day I found the leaf, I knew I had to finally let go of this past disappointment and create a space for new friendships, and work opportunities.  The leaf stopped me in my tracks, and lifted me out of my weird funk.  I took a picture on my iPhone, finished my circuit and went home.

I continued to gaze at the leaf, now on my desktop, and thought why not Google the symbolism of autumn.  As I started reading the first few articles, I simply had to catch my breath. I never stopped to think about autumn, the seasons and its connection with Gestalt theory.

Autumn is a time when the summer crops are harvested. My work enables clients to look deep within, and connect with their authentic self to reap their innate wisdom and knowledge to move forward in their lives.

Surprisingly, I found more symbolism that connects beautifully with autumn. Gestalt literature supports the whole individual, balancing the light and dark parts of our selves, just as during the autumn equinox, day and night become equal in length.

As days past, my sadness gave way to bursts of excitement and creativity. I felt clearer now on my direction and purpose. The changing colours of the leaves was the perfect symbolism for the creation of my new website and logo.

My son and I love this park so we asked my friend/photographer, Naomi Hamilton to take some family shots and shots for my website. Naomi visited the park and chose the location of the liquid amber trees.  How spooky is that!  She picks the exact location where I found this little leaf.

Shoot day arrives and I’m sitting amongst these colourful leaves, cuddling my son and Buddy. Naomi’s camera is clicking away, but my thoughts return to the little leaf.  I feel a sense of gratitude for the leaf, the trees and all that is around me, and for the synchronicity of people, places and ideas that have inspired me to create Life Balance Coach.