“Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.” – Brad Henry


It is a very well-known fact that if anyone wants to achieve the things they most desire in life, they need to believe in themselves i.e. their passions, skills and abilities. Self confidence is the basis for which we can develop an inner faith in ourselves in order to create our external results.

Alas, many women can easily lose faith in themselves at the first sign of a failure, a setback or when feeling fearful or defeated. Not many people live the life that they have envisioned, because they start to self sabotage their goals, or give up too easily at the first sign of a setback.

Why is it important to have faith in yourself?

It is very important to believe in yourself and your abilities if you want to have the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of. When you have faith in yourself, you are more motivated to achieve your goals and you are more likely to succeed. Believing in yourself gives you the confidence you need to take on new challenges and overcome any obstacles that may come your way and I have 3 techniques you could try.

The three Techniques to have more self belief are: positive self-talk, visualisation, and goal setting.

Positive self-talk is a great way to boost your confidence and remind yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to. Whenever you start to doubt yourself, simply take a moment to stop, breathe and re-focus. Make positive self-talk your automatic response whenever you are feeling afraid or insecure about something that you need to do.

Remind yourself that failure is nothing more than an opportunity for growth . If someone tells you that you can’t do it, don’t believe them! They are wrong. You are capable of incredible things.

Visualisation is a technique that you can use to help yourself believe in your abilities. When you visualise, you imagine something happening before it actually does. You must have all the details perfect-the sights, sounds, smells and feelings surrounding the scene. Visualising builds expectancy, so when the actual event comes along, it feels familiar and you are more likely to succeed.

In other words, you can picture yourself doing everything correctly and achieving your goal. This technique is a fantastic way of increasing your performance levels by triggering the release of powerful endorphins in your brain which will make you feel amazing!

Lastly, setting goals is a great way to get yourself in the right frame of mind. You must have an end goal in mind, which you then must break down into smaller parts that are more manageable. These smaller parts are your milestones . Many people forget about these milestones when they set their goals, so be sure to include them-this way you will know when you have achieved one part of your goal and will give you motivation until the next milestone.

Remember: keep both your end goal and milestones realistic and achievable, or else you won’t be able to reach them. Be sure that there are no unrealistic expectations set along the way as this could lead to disappointment and a loss of faith in yourself if one of those goals isn’t reached.

How To Believe In Yourself

The first step to believing in yourself is understanding the value of what you bring to the table. Everyone has something unique and special about themselves-so find out what makes you stand out from everyone else. Once you have determined your best quality, celebrate it! Look at yourself every day and say, “I am __________, and that is amazing!”

TIP: If you struggle with self-confidence, be sure to say positive affirmations each morning. These are great ways to boost your mood and remind yourself of all the good things you have to offer the world.

The second step is learning to overcome negative thoughts. Everyone has negative thoughts about themselves from time to time, but by learning to acknowledge these thoughts and then turn them into something positive, you can start believing in yourself.

TIP: If your negative thoughts are based on past experiences or failures, remind yourself that failure is just a step along the way to achieving your goals. Your past doesn’t have to define you!

The third step is to be open to trying new things. Believing in yourself doesn’t mean you always have the answer and that you know everything. It means having confidence in what you do and who you are, not shutting yourself off from new experiences and possibilities for your life.

TIP: If you really want to believe in yourself but are afraid of trying something new, try taking small steps. You can start by saying yes to opportunities that make you a bit uncomfortable-that way, if you end up failing or struggling, it won’t matter as much because the stakes will not be too high!

Tips on Overcoming Negative Thoughts

If you want to believe in yourself, you need to get rid of any negative thoughts that are holding you back. Here are a few tips for overcoming negative thinking:

1. Challenge your negative thoughts. When you catch yourself having a negative thought, ask yourself if there is any evidence to support it. Most of the time, the answer will be no-so you can safely ignore that thought!

2. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. If you can’t stop a negative thought from entering your head, try to replace it with a positive one instead. This will help train your brain to think more positively overall.

3. Practice self-compassion. When you make a mistake or experience failure, be gentle with yourself. Self-criticism is very rarely helpful, but self-compassion can make you feel better and more motivated.

So don’t be afraid to have faith in yourself-it will help you reach your goals!

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Fiona Craig is a life coach, psychotherapist, business mentor, and published author of the award winning self-help book, “Stuck in a Rut – How to rescue yourself & live your truth” helping women remove thestuck in a rut revised edition fear, worry and guilt to confidently take the steps towards creating the life they want to live.

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