Grace Niu from Feng Shui Serenity has written specially for Life Balance Coach on activating your abundance using Chinese astrology.

Grace says, in order to truly see the miracles of the world, we must break with our familiar acceptance of it. In order to truly see the brilliance of ourselves, we must gain new sight, and have the courage to take a leap into the unknown.

Did you know that your Destiny Chart contains the secret to unlocking your abundance? This is because the unboundedness and abundance are part of our underlying natural state. It is always there for us to access, we just need to re-remember the secret password.

Knowing your Destiny Chart and your Wealth potential is the very first step to accessing the abundance in your life.

When I turned 39, I knew I was about to step into a brand new 10-year luck cycle. My Destiny chart revealed that the dominating theme would be how I created wealth: it would be very different from the past decade. Sure enough, soon afterwards, I quit my safe corporate job of 15 years and followed my calling to set up Feng Shui Serenity.

Your Four Pillars of Destiny chart ( ) not only reveals the secret code to unlocking your abundance, it can also revel the path that leads to your abundance.

Each of us has a special element that represents our abundance – the Wealth Element.


If your Self Element is WATER, your Wealth Element is FIRE

If your Self Element is WOOD, your Wealth Element is EARTH

If your Self Element is FIRE, your Wealth Element is METAL

If your Self Element is EARTH, your Wealth Element is WATER

If your Self Element is METAL, your Wealth Element is WOOD

If you don’t know what your self-element is, you can get your FREE Four Pillars of Destiny chart HERE


As a Feng Shui consultant, I am often being asked to activate the wealth corner of a home or property. However, it is your own beliefs that you hold in your hearts around the theme of prosperity and abundance that set the tone on how easily you can manifest your wealth in life.

Wealth energy is associated with the Yang energy in nature. However, when the Yin energy, which is feminine energy in nature is honoured and nurtured, wealth luck is being generated. This is because Yang is born in Yin.

When we are calm, grounded and happy in every moment in our life – feminine energy, we provide a solid foundation for the Yang energy (carrying wealth) to be generated. There is no need to fight in order to receive abundance, the Universe has the infinite amount. So if you have an ‘abundant mindset’ instead of a poverty one, stay authentic, tune into your intuition (i.e. feminine energy) and be true to yourself, your creativity, wealth and money will find you.

When people pursue their passion with dedication, they feel fulfilment in life and in most cases money falls into their lap without any specific effort of chasing it. Wealth is simply a by-product.

Understanding this on an energetic level can profoundly affect your attitude and thinking pattern towards wealth.

When your personal Wealth Element appears in your 10-year or 5-year luck pillar, it signals that changes or opportunities are emerging. Knowing the exact meaning behind it is crucial so you don’t miss any golden opportunities to make money, at the same time, it can also save you from hasty investment disasters.

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