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Today I want to share a little secret with you.

Did you know you can get new clients without having a website?

You don’t BELIEVE me.

Well I didn’t either until I acquired my first client through Facebook.

Nine months ago, I was struggling to get clients through my social media platforms.  I felt it was all a waste of time.  I was working hard at engaging, but that wasn’t converting into sales.

Well that was until I tried two things and I’d like to share with you two tips that have helped me build my social media platforms.

Fiona’s tip # 1

  • Realise that your Facebook business page is a mini website

Six months before my website went live, I created my Facebook page.  I have created apps, added events, my own picture quotes, blog posts and personal triumphs as I endeavour to connect with my fans and show credibility as a life balance coach.  According to LKR Social Media, “Facebook tells the story of your company”.


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Believe me when I say that your potential clients are searching for products and services on Facebook.  It’s true because by happy accident my keyword “life balance coach” is before my name i.e. and that’s how I acquired my first Facebook client even before I had a website.

Fiona’s tip # 2

  • Build one social media platform at a time and then invite your followers to join each new platform

Sounds easy doesn’t it.  Well it is and I chose LinkedIN.  It was easy given my profile was already up, but I wasn’t aware of the huge potential this site has for connecting with customers.

Here’s my tip on using LinkedIn to leverage your business Facebook page.

When you add a new LinkedIn connection, don’t immediately flog your products, services or events.  I just say thanks for connecting and offer to help them with their business.  I offer to “like” their Facebook Business page, as well as a few posts, and share their content to my followers and without fail they reciprocate by offering to like my Facebook business page.

Boom!!!  More likes to my page, interested fans but also potential customers.

Here’s how!

When these LinkedIn connections visit my Facebook page, they see the variety of content, likes and strategies I’ve implemented and want to learn more.  What I’ve done is position myself as an expert and an excellent opportunity to discuss my social media coaching sessions.

Over time I’ve created a very attractive and engaging Facebook page and my fan base is growing.  I’ve also boosted my LinkedIn profile and have invited those connections to join my Facebook page in such a way that builds trust and attracts potential clients to my life and business coaching packages.

When creating your social media platforms consider your client niche, branding and have an editorial strategy.  If you need some help email me at and I can review your platform and give you a few free tips.

If you can think of three people that would benefit from these strategies and tips, then please share this information with them.