Hello and welcome to Life Balance Coach.

I’m Fiona Craig and I offer life coaching and business mentoring in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. I understand there are many competent life coaches, and I’d like to think that I am one of them, but there are three things that I believe make me unique, and valuable to you:

  1. I will help you become BETTER at juggling your career and family life.
  2. I blend NLP, life coaching with psychotherapy to get right to the HEART of your personal and professional issues.
  3. You will discover your authentic self and UNLOCK your true potential.

Still not sure why you would choose me as your life coach?

Let me elaborate on my style of life coaching ….

Life Balance Coaching blends psychotherapy and life coaching to offer clear perspectives that help individuals tap into their internal wisdom so they can set effective strategies in place, and adopt new skills to live a more satisfying life.

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Blending life coaching with NLP and psychotherapy simply enhances my capability to work at a deeper level, and create powerful shifts in a client’s perception of how they see themselves and the world around them.

I consider my life coaching an educational way of helping clients to find their path in life, awareness of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, self and environmental supports, authentic self expression, and to be responsible for their actions.

If you are unsure about how these two modalities compliment one another, take a look at the following table.

Holistic approach Holistic approach
Focus is on how future and past effect the present. Focus on present to create an action plan to achieve specific goals in the future.
Strong therapeutic working relationship. Take a collaborative approach/working partnership.
Themes of interest around self and life are explored. Problem areas identified and blocks removed to move towards achieving a specific goal.
Bring awareness of patterns of behaviour that keep an individual stuck. Bring awareness of fears and self-limiting beliefs that sabotage motivation.
Help in healing emotional pain and conflict. Help in setting achievable goals, learn new strategies and skills.
Supports the client’s personal growth. Supports the client’s personal growth.
Offers perspectives to help the client find their internal wisdom to solve their problems. Offers perspectives to help guide the client to move forward in their life.
Client confidentiality assured. Client confidentiality assured.
Typically clients with relationship problems, personality disorders, mental health issues, grief & loss, and personal growth. Typically clients want to improve their home life, relationship or work-life balance.

In using a combination of both psychotherapy & life coaching modalities, you are embarking on a discovery-based journey to find out what internal/external supports are missing, what supports can be utilised to change behaviours, explore fears and self limiting beliefs that sabotage your motivation to achieve your goals, and to set effective strategies, and adopt skills to live a more satisfying life.

My life coaching will help you find your authentic self.

What does that mean?  To be authentic means to find the real you, the person you were meant to be, and in doing so find success and your full potential.

We habitually do what we do because we can’t see a way out.  Yet these habits are in conflict with our current beliefs and values.  So we feel tired and stressed which dampens our motivation, creativity, and joy.

As a Life Coach, I bring awareness to these conflicts and stumbling blocks in your life, and how they can be removed to allow your authentic self to shine through, and live a life that better resonates with your own truth.

Lastly, I have the personal and professional skills, knowledge and experience to help you with parenting, time management strategies, goal setting & motivation and numerous other work-life balance issues.

Is Life Coaching For You?

life coaching in Sydney, Fiona CraigIf you’ve never experienced life coaching and/or would like to see if we are a great fit for each other, then let’s start with a single life coaching session. I’d like to offer you a 50 minute life coaching (Skype/telephone) session with me at a very affordable price.

You can book your session by clicking HERE or if you’d like to call me Fiona Craig Life Balance Coach on 0405 433 217 in Bondi Junction, Sydney to talk more about how my life coaching & business mentoring can help you.


Certified NLP Practitioner & Life Coach – the coaching room, Sydney                                         Gestalt Psychotherapist – Sydney Gestalt Institute
Bachelor of Applied Social Science, BASS (Counselling)
Cert IV Trainer & Assessor – Inspire Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation certificate
Reiki Practitioner