All my clients that have worked with me have overcome personal and professional challenges in career, business and life. I appreciate their willingness to provide me a testimonial, as well as their honesty in sharing their very private journey of how working with me has benefited and helped them towards achieving their dreams and goals.


10897800_10153490273193835_6789801675702759231_n 2“I feel like I’m on the start of a positive journey”

“After losing my job, I really struggled with regaining confidence and finding my feet again in my new role. Understanding the different factors in my life, helped achieve a greater level of awareness for the areas I needed to improve and gave me useful tools to continue improving them

It was nice to have Fiona available to chat in between sessions, so I felt like I got a lot of the kickstart package as a whole, and got advice on some real issues I was facing as they arose.

I’d recommend Fiona. Definitely to friends whom I have an open dialogue with around improving your life.” – Dani Parmakova (Consultant)

Richard Prince“From being stuck to kicking goals!”

“Fiona really walks the talk, having already walked the path of transformation herself. In a word she is amazing providing support and strategies that were not a one size fits all approach but uniquely tailored to suit my needs.  

Fiona helped me turn around my life from being stuck to kicking goals on a regular basis” – Richard Prince (Business Owner at

“I am now confident and excited about how I am going to progress.”

Thank you for you guidance and understanding. I was exploring all options to stay at home and care for our children whilst generating income and not need to put our baby and toddler into child care. After one session you raised thought provoking scenarios and questions that managed to stop my head spinning and bring clarity to my family/work/life balance challenge that I was struggling to move forward with. I am now confident and excited about how I am going to progress with my career whilst caring for our children. – Kylie Pigott (mum)

823450_10151736163921333_1760783792_o 2 (1)“From feeling unhappy to calmer and positive”
“A feeling of unhappiness/emptiness (even though I had reached many of my own goals), lead me to work with Fiona.
I found Fiona online and after reading the website and watching a short video, I decided to kickstart my life and work with her. Fiona listened to me and then helped me to see where my issues were coming from and then suggested worksheets to do to work through the issues. The results were then discussed the following session. I am still working on my issues but feel I am more calmer and patient. The casual and friendly approach. The feeling that Fiona really cares and the advice and ongoing support. I would recommend the service to anyone that is not completely satisfied with where they are in their lives.” – Brett Hayes (Tattoo artist & business owner)

10390046_10152985897560200_7746979283889959552_n“I got so much out of these worksheets”

“The Back To Balance package has been really amazing and it’s definitely triggered learning, particularly around my work place. The process has been emotionally intensive.  I got so much out of these work sheets, and they changed my life approach in just one hour. There are ideas I want to explore in a diary, and I think I have a lot more to gain from revisiting these worksheets.

What I’ve applied is working, and slowly, slowly I feel things are starting to change.  I’ve had more self awareness from doing the worksheets as I can see now what I use to do before.  I like how these sheets are practice orientated because I didn’t know how to action my goals. There’s still a lot to carry forward but I couldn’t go back to the old ways now.” – Nicole Seale (Government Sector)

maurya“Fiona takes the whole person into account”

“I turned to Fiona to get my health back on track.  I was sleeping poorly and not feeling as if I was living up to my energy potential.

Fiona has been (and continues to be) fantastic with me – she spent a lot of time understanding what was going on with me to help us figure out what options might be available.  She has made a number of suggestions in a variety of areas to help me get back on track with myself!  (These areas concluded food allergies, probiotics, stress management, family/time management and even peri-menopause.)

Fiona always delivers greater than expectations. If she isn’t au fait with something she will dig and dig until she totally knows what she is talking about, so that her clients get top quality recommendations.

Overall, through discussions and even field trips to explore different areas, I am now feeling much better. I highly recommend Fiona as a Life Balance Coach, as she takes the whole person into account, and doesn’t just key into the area that I might have thought to be the issue.” – Maurya Reider

12573964_177765389248340_3887511958155273020_n“Fiona helped me fulfil my dream of creating a beautiful website”

“Fiona has been an invaluable partner in helping me fully articulate my passion and purpose for working with women in the area of Feminine Power.

Her Confident Mumpreneur Mentoring program has provided me with a strong foundation of proven tools and strategies to define my offering and grow my business.

Fiona is a kindred spirit whose warmth, experience and grace calls forth her client’s inner wisdom so they can flourish and thrive. I feel blessed to have found Fiona and to have her support guiding me.” – Bel O’Mullane, Wellbeing Coach and Facilitator at “The Sanctuary” Women’s Group

download 2“From feeling stuck to international acclaim as a Fine Arts Photographer & Designer”

“I chose to work with Fiona as her warmth and connectability made me feel comfortable with opening up to possibilities.  I loved that she is also a woman and mother in business and thought she would relate to the struggle to balance the family life with the realities of a career.

I was stuck and struggling with different aspects of my creative professional life, and which direction to take a potential new business of my own.

Fiona knows how to ask the right questions, to turn the mirror on yourself to find out where you are coming from authentically. I guess I felt a trust with her, not only to be able to help me, but that it was a safe place to explore.

Whilst my business is still a work in progress, I now know where I want to focus my energies and feel armed with strategies to do so moving forward.

I love how Fiona is both business savvy, but also so human and open and makes herself vulnerable to you, you know she is a truly authentic person, with valuable tools to help you as a woman and mother with a career.

I would recommend Fiona to any working mother, especially those with business ideas they wanted to begin to execute.” – Amanda Mason at

Samia Pego Keating“Fiona helped me take my business to the next level”

“I was looking for help on how to best build my website and learn all the tricks of SEO/Social Media, plus identify my ideal clients who would benefit the most from my work.

I chose Fiona’s Business Mentoring session because I wanted to talk about business with a person that has the same values, and can understand the vision I want to create for my business. Fiona gave real business examples about what would work the best for me to develop my ideas.

I had great insights about how to build a website that my clients will feel welcomed and will find the solutions for their problems easy and effortless.  What I liked best working with Fiona was the fact that she is trustworthy and really keen to help.

Yes, I would recommend for others business owners that are looking for take their business to the next level.” – Samia Keating (founder of Focus Mind Coaching)

photo 2“Fiona’s background in Counselling and Life Coaching allows for you, and your business to blossom organically and with ease.”

“I had a lot of ideas in what the business is about, but no one could help me connect the dots.

Fiona listened to my dilemma then got me to jot down in colours all the different things about my business, the actions, services, why, benefits and then we compartmentalised them and told a story.  She was able to help me link everything together to make sense.

I have been able to put criteria together to begin the search for a logo and branding.  I have the confidence and know the direction that I am heading.  I am now preparing my marketing plan and Facebook plan.

Most importantly, she allowed me to do the work and thereby opened the space for me to empower myself.

No one is providing this specialised service to business owners at all stages of their business.  Everyone needs a Fiona Craig in their corner, whether it is to learn something new, how to progress their business, have a chat about life and balance, or all the amazing things in between.” – Tania Sloan (Founder of Stepping Into Self).

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