Why It’s Good To Feel Angry

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why it's good to get angry

Do you think that anger gets a bad rap in today’s society? We are often told that anger can be incredibly destructive towards work or family relationships, can result in hurting a person’s reputation, and even affect our overall health and wellbeing. Anger can make the most sensible, and respectable person do the most crazy, …

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5 Ways To Fall Back In Love With Your Job

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love with your job, fall back in love with a job, career

Are you in love with your job? Ten years ago I side stepped counselling and took on an admin job. I was going through a difficult divorce, and didn’t feel I had the robustness to see clients. I had planned to stay in that role for one year, but after 3 months I was dying to …

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What My Forty Year Old Self Taught Me

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a crystal ball, and could see one, two, five years into your future, and see what life would be like? What you’d be doing, how happy you’d be, where you’re living, who you’re with. Would save a whole lot of heartache, right? But what if you didn’t like …

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Welcoming The Divine Feminine

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Lisa Stallard, Divine Feminine

Women in their fifties have experienced a lot of changes. We were teenagers in the seventies during the feminist movement. In the eighties – the trend was toward androgyny – and this topic was even taught at University as part of Sociology. In the nineties, many of us had careers in the corporate sector and …

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Are You Both Stuck In A Boredom Rut?

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boredom rut, relationship boredom

Last year I met Susan, and she described to me what couples in their early thirties are experiencing, but not willing to share with their friends. Susan felt that her relationship with her partner of four years was going sour. She emphasised that she was madly in love with him, but recently she felt bored …

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